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Since 1958, The Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery Associates has combined quality patient care with state-of-the-art innovation. As a recognized leader in Central Florida otolaryngology and its associated subspecialties, the practice has grown to encompass four locations and 11 physicians available to treat a myriad of adult and pediatric otolaryngology issues.

Our personalized treatment options can help you with any issue relating to the head and neck, including facial plastic and reconstructive surgery options, hearing device dispensing, hearing and balance treatment, individualized allergy care and voice care and swallowing disorders.

With a tradition of excellence more than 50 years strong, our unanimous goal is to serve our patient’s individual needs and exceed their expectations. We are uncompromisingly dedicated to excellence and achieving quality results for every patient that chooses to visit us.


  • Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea: The Serious Side of Snoring

Loud snoring. Morning headaches. Lack of energy during the day. If you suffer from these symptoms, you may have a serious sleep condition known as […]

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Hoarseness vs. the Holidays: How to Protect Your Voice

The holidays are a time for lights, music, feasting, and other delights for the senses and the spirit. It’s also a season of vocal risk, […]

  • earring-1145640-638x425

What is Auditory Brainstem Response Testing?

The auditory brainstem response (ABR) test is used to determine the integrity of the auditory system and brain pathways for hearing. This test uses electrodes […]

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Patient Testimonials

We come to you in appreciation for the the excellent care received by my husband during a recent surgery performed on him by Dr. Jeffrey Lehman. With his reassurance and calm manner, the process proceeded in a very orderly and informative way. We can not say enough about Dr. Lehman’s skills and the great care received during my husband’s stay at your hospital.
Christina and Jose
The doctors at The Ear, Nose, Throat & Plastic Surgery Associates were extremely helpful and patient with me. They cured my sinus issue after just one visit and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of ear, nose, throat or plastic surgery issues.
Bill W.
If there is anyone out there who is suffering from hearing loss, go get checked! And I would highly recommend Dr. Carla Fortune. I joke around about her last name, but she really was my fortune. I felt like I was the only person in the office that day. I had trust, faith, and she had patients with me. It was like she knew exactly how I felt. I decided when I was 17 I wanted to help others, that why I became a nurse. But now retired, I want to keep helping by informing others that hearing loss is something that can be cured and Dr. Fortune is the best!
Lisa A.
Thank you for everything you and your staff have done for me. Great office, pleasant staff and awesome doctors.
Marjorie T.