Online Registration Walkthrough

In an effort to streamline our check-in process, we have recently revamped the way we collect patient information using a secure service called AllMeds. Upon making your first appointment with our office you will receive an email from us that should be completed before your appointment.

Below is a brief walkthrough explaining the steps to submit your information.

Note: AllMeds is Not Compatible with Mac Computers. You Must Submit Your Information with a Windows-based System.

Login Information Reminder

  • Your login ID is  your email address
  • If you need to login to the AllMeds portal, click here.

Opening the Email

The email you receive from us is titled “Your Physician’s office has Requested Information” – open it. If you don’t see it in your default inbox, be sure to check your Spam inbox. It will list the necessary information needed to login as well as the AllMed Portal link. Click the button to open the AllMed link in your web browser. If the link doesn’t work, try clicking here to access the login page.

Login Screen

Below you’ll see a sample of the login screen you’ll see upon clicking the login page link in your email. Note the red arrow in the image below. Your login ID and your temporary will be provided by our office.


Changing Your Password

Next you’ll be asked to update your password for security purposes, changing it from the temporary password to whatever you choose as long as it is longer than six (6) characters. First, enter your current password (temporary password) in the indicated space titled “Password” – next to the red arrow below. Then enter your new password in the two (2) fields below that. You will receive a confirmation message telling you that your new password has been accepted. We recommend that you write this new password down and keep it with your important documents.


Pin Number

Your pin number will be provided by our office.

Forms and Health Records

That’s all for the login portion. Now that you’re successfully logged in, click the “Complete Visit Forms” link and complete all the forms you need to prior to coming into our office. Then, click the “Health Record” link, just to the right of the “Complete Visit Forms” link and follow the associated prompts.


If you have any further questions, please call our office at 407.644.4883.