Xoran MiniCAT™

The Xoran MiniCAT™ is a CT scanner specifically designed to image only your sinuses and skull base, unlike traditional CT scanners used on many parts of the body. By focusing only on the sinuses and temporal bones, MiniCat™ can deliver superior image quality without using a full-body scanner.

Advantages to Patients

Xoran MiniCatThe procedure is a fast and painless in-office procedure, lasting under 40 seconds. Additionally, MiniCAT™ scans have a significantly lower radiation dose than sinus and ear scans taken on full-body scanners in the hospital. Thanks to the same-day diagnosis, MiniCAT™ can also help minimize insurance co-pays.

Plus, patients in a MiniCAT™ sit upright and are not confined to a full-body tube, minimizing claustrophobia. And with immediate imaging, we can offer a faster diagnosis and begin your treatment sooner.

How it Works

Patients that require a CT scan will sit comfortably upright in a chair while an overhead arm makes a single rotation around their head. Within seconds, the CT scan will appear on the doctor’s computer monitor for faster diagnosis and treatment.

MiniCAT™ Video

In this brief video, Dr. Baylor discusses the Xoran MiniCAT™ and the benefits it offers to patients.

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