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Phonak hearing aids provide you with the listening experience you’ve always desired.

No more misunderstandings or lack of confidence, just better speech comprehension.

Designed with comfort, mobility and hearing clarity in mind, Phonax hearing aids will help you stay connected all day long.

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Phonak has a variety of hearing aid models to best suit your needs. These include:

Bolero™ V
Audeo™ B
Phonak Sky™ V
Phonak Naida™ V
Virto™ V
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Audeo™ B

How Does Audeo™ B Work?

Audeo™ B is a hassle-free hearing aid, providing you with 24 hours of hearing with one battery charge. The technology in the hearing aid automatically adapts to the sounds around you, making hearing effortless.

Benefits and Features of Audeo™ B

  • Lithium-ion battery technology provides 24 hours of hearing after one charge
  • AutoSense OS operating system automatically adjusts hearing based on surroundings
  • Nine colors to match personality or skin tone

Bolero™ V

How Does Bolero™ V Work?

Bolero™ V provides you with outstanding hearing even in the toughest listening environments. The technology in Bolero™ V was designed to automatically adjust to any listening situation you find yourself in, giving you more hearing confidence.

Benefits and Features of Bolero™ V

  • Water and dust resistant for uninterrupted hearing in any environment
  • Understand speech, even in noisy listening environments
  • Process music for high-quality listening.
  • Available in 11 different colors
Phonak Bolero V


How Does CROS B Work?

CROS B is a hearing aid solution for single-sided deafness that automatically zooms in on voices and reduces background noise to give you a full scope of hearing.

This easy-to-use technology allows you to hear sounds from both directions, making both sides your “good side.”

Benefits and Features of CROS B

  • Phonak Belong technology
  • Focuses on the voices in front of you for better speech comprehension in conversations
  • Available in nine colors
Phonak CROS B


How Does Lyric™ Work?

Lyric™ is the first and only 100% extended-wear invisible hearing aid that sits inside of your ear canal for optimal hearing performance. This hearing aid is specifically designed to provide you with more natural sounds than other traditional hearing aids.

Benefits and Features of Lyric™

  • Long battery life that lasts months without needing a change
  • Moisture protection that allows for shower and exercise with the device in the ear
  • Sits deep inside the ear canal, reducing visibility

Phonak Sky™ V

How Does Phonak Sky™ V Work?

The Sky™ V was designed specifically for children with hearing loss. It provides more sound clarity to help children better understand speech and language.

With automatic adjusting capabilities and the ability to express oneself, the Sky™ V gives children the confidence to go out and explore.

Benefits and Features of Phonak Sky™ V

  • Water, sweat and dust resistant to allow for a full day of fun
  • Knows when the hearing aid is on and battery is low
  • Mix and match colors
Phonak Sky V

Phonak Naida™ V

How Does Nadia™ V Work?

Naida™ V is a small hearing aid packed with tons of technology that allows you to hear sounds more clearly in all environments. This hearing aid enhances audibility of high pitch sounds for individuals with severe hearing loss.

Benefits and Features of Nadia™ V

  • SoundRecover2 provides a better listening experience
  • Provides 62% better speech understanding close-up and at a distance
  • Water resistant technology
Phonak Naida V

Virto™ V

How Does Virto™ V Work?

Virto™ V is individually designed to fit into your ear canal. With a comfortable fit and high quality automatic performance, you won’t notice that the device is in your ear, and other people won’t be able to notice either.

Benefits and Features of Virto™ V

  • Small, comfortable size fit to the ear canal
  • Great for listening to music
  • Automatically adapts to the listening situation for more natural sounds

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