• Acoustic Neuroma

    An acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor of the nerve that controls balance. It runs alongside the nerve that controls hearing. Tumors may arise where the nerve begins at the brainstem (cerebellopontine angle) or further along the nerve in the internal auditory canal, closer to the inner ear. Symptoms may

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  • Cholesteatoma

    Cholesteatomas may be congenital (you may be born with it) or acquired (may develop later in life). Cholesteatomas are essentially cysts formed form the tympanic membrane (ear drum). A pocket is formed in the ear drum which traps the lining of the drum, allowing for continued growth and expansion of

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  • Dizziness

    Dizziness may be defined as the sensation of lightheadedness, loss of balance, or unsteadiness. This may be associated with disequilibrium or vertigo. Initial care of dizziness is geared toward discerning a cause for the dizziness. Causes are widely varied and include disease of the ear, brain, heart,

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  • Ear Pain

    Ear pain can arise from problems of the ear such as infections, or can be caused by referred pain - pathology from elsewhere in the head and neck that causes pain in the ear without actually having any abnormalities of the ear. Other sources include diseases of the throat (tonsillitis, benign ulcers,

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  • Hearing Loss

    Sensorineural hearing loss is defined as a loss of hearing caused by problems occurring in the inner ear and auditory (hearing) nerve. Causes may include aging, genetic-associated loss (hereditary), noise exposure or noise trauma, infections, congenital syndromes, inflammatory or auto-immune diseases,

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