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Meet face-to-face with a licensed doctor of audiology to access unparalleled care for all of your hearing device needs.

As one of our patients, you’ll work closely with actual doctors who have decades of combined experience developing personalized hearing loss solutions that address the individual concerns of each patient.

Hear what you’ve been missing without compromising quality, fit, or function when you connect with one of our ear experts today.

Slim, Streamlined, and Nearly Invisible.

Avoid bulky hearing aids. Speak with a doctor for a slim-fit device that rests comfortably in your ear and is nearly invisible.

Why Seeing a Hearing Expert Matters

Hearing loss is a complex issue that can result from any number of different factors. Only a licensed doctor of audiology is equipped to perform and interpret the extensive examinations necessary to identify and diagnose the precise causes of a patient’s hearing issues.

Once the root cause of hearing loss is identified, a custom fit solution can be implemented to provide maximum volume and clarity without the added bulk or headaches from common hearing aids.

Without undergoing a proper evaluation with an ear expert, many patients who visit big-box stores purchase hearing aids they either don’t need or that are not adequately tuned to address their hearing problems.

In some cases, a patient’s hearing loss can even be treated without the need for a hearing aid—however, without seeing a doctor of audiology, these issues often go undiagnosed and progressively worsen over time, leading to further hearing loss or more serious medical issues.

Hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all — they are sensitive devices that must be carefully tuned to each patient in order to work properly.

Unlike the unlicensed “specialists” at big-box stores, our ear experts take the time to evaluate each patient and can recommend state-of-the-art devices that are capable of addressing your unique concerns.

With the right hearing aid, your doctor of audiology will tune it to match the acoustics of your ear, optimizing the device to provide you with the best results possible.

Expert Ear Care. Precision Devices.

At ENT Orlando, we offer patients a bespoke ear care experience that caters to your unique hearing loss concerns by offering hands-on treatment with a team of medical professionals.

Our sole mission is to provide you with long-term solutions to hearing loss using the latest and most advanced diagnostic testing and hearing devices on the market.

Your comfort matters to us, which is why we form-fit your hearing aid to match the contours of your ear and offer low-profile devices that are nearly invisible to other people.

Hearing Aid Testimonial

Hearing testing is available at our Winter Park, Downtown Orlando, Celebration, Winter Garden, and Altamonte Springs offices.

What Should You Expect During Your Visit?

As one of our patients, you’ll meet one-on-one with a highly trained doctor of audiology who has years of experience outfitting patients like you with specialized hearing devices.

Your doctor will conduct a comprehensive hearing test in a private sound booth using specially calibrated tones to measure your hearing sensitivity at different pitches and frequencies.

Following your exam, you will be joined by an ear, nose, and throat doctor who will carefully review your results and explain in detail the type and degree of hearing loss you are experiencing.

Your medical team will then guide you through the different styles and levels of technology available to find you an affordable, state-of-the-art device that fits invisibly in your ear.

Our expansive inventory of hearing devices allows you to try on and test out different models that have been specially engineered to address your type of hearing loss. Your audiologist will then precision-tune your device to match your ears before adjusting the sensitivity to achieve a perfect fit.

Learning how to use your device will take some getting used to – our experts will be by your side throughout this transitional period to make small changes and adjustments along the way to ensure maximum comfort and functionality.

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